Monday, March 19, 2012


Birdwood Sandal by Wootten

I should really make more of an effort on this here blog to write about awesome creative things made by people I know. Like these gorgeous sandals. The nicest bit of footwear I've ever owned and made by my friend Jess (who, as it must often be stated, is a boy).

Birdwood Sandal by Wootten

It probably would have made more sense to buy these at the start of summer than the end, but hey, life sometimes gets in the way. And now that you've seen them (and doubtless want a pair) you can spend the next 6 months saving up and looking forward to getting some made for next spring. Because lovingly & locally made wares are where it's at, folks.

Birdwood Sandal by Wootten

The Birdwood Sandal comes in black, brown or tan (or if you're special, maybe even yellow!). Head into Wootten bespoke shoes to try on a fitting pair and Jess will stitch a pair up for you! How awesome is that.



Bec Hem said...

WOW. Simply beautiful shoes! Love!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I'm in big trouble. I want winter shoes and haven't saved a penny! Truly gorgeous.

Rie said...

Thanks for the link, I clicked over there & have fallen in love with the boots! Yay!.. I mean, eek, I'll have to tell Santa about them! :)

Anca said...

First I thought you`ll write about a relaxing day and that first picture oh! so soothing :)In Europe spring is coming these days.

Jenny said...

Gorgeous, and very becoming on the feet!
I wonder if he makes things in materials other than leather? I will click over to see!
Looking forward to reading about local creative stuffs on your blog :-)

Clare said...

They are beautiful! I can't believe his actually made them!

Paula said...

Love your shoes :) x x x

Jesse said...

Oh wow....those are lovely!