Friday, February 13, 2009

no thoughts for a good title

The bushfires have been devastating indeed, and it's fantastic to see how many people are organising ways to help. Pop over to Meet me at Mikes & Handmade Help to find out more about ways to contribute other than monetary donations.

I have to admit, when disasters like this happen I can't help but be heartened by the way it really pulls people together. I get a little bit of a buzz watching the bushfire relief tally rise by the millions each morning - I think we're raised close to $50 million in funding which is amazing.

In happier news, we've just updated the Ink & Spindle shop with new stock. So if you happen to still be in a shopping mood, there's new fabrics, mix packs and Aiko tote kits (finally!).

Mix Pack pretty
Mix pack #9

Mix Pack also pretty
Mix pack #6

Aiko Tote Kit
New Aiko Tote kits - with small birch this time :)

Birch in Soft Moss
Birch Forest in Soft Moss

Ginkgo in Teal and Snow
Ginkgo in Teal & Snow


Karin said...

I think it's $100m now! :O

Lovely prints as usual.

edward and lilly said...

mmmm... these are very tempting, I think I need to save some money and add them to my wish list.

Rare Autumn said...

it's always so nice to see people pulling together - we're thinking of you even though we're on the other side of the planet.

also wanted to say that i just found your blog - and so happy i did! :)