Thursday, April 19, 2007


Those kids over at Moo are a clever bunch indeed. A week or so ago I got an email from them offering me a free sample of their newest product - a set of 16 note cards with your flickr pics on them. How could I resist. They're awesome:

Yay indeed.
I might cut some of them up and turn them into tags. What makes Moo extra clever is the fact that if just a few people who see this post go and buy some cards themselves, then they've made their money back already. Ahh the power of the internets :)


dopeattic said...

horray for moo!!! i am with you-they're the greatest thing practically ever:)

Shona said...

On the very same day I got your package with the fabric I ordered, with a MOO card included, a friend gave me one of her MOO cards, my first MOOs- I LOVE MOO! I have yet to order mine + now have to look into note cards. There are far too many cool things to buy.

nicole lecht said...

oh yeah, i'm making mine right now!!!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Unbelievable! How do they do it? You are one lucky girl.

lupinbunny said...

i so wish i had a creative business so that i could have some cool images to make into moo cards.

are you allowed to onsell the moo greeting cards? because i reallllllly like the look of crafty bits on a notecard.

am also hanging out for the japanese trees and geese. hell, i even made my boy look at them and he said quite enthusiastically of the trees 'hey, they're cool!' it's possibly the warmest reaction he's ever given to fabric/ yarn, so congratulations ;)

maria said...

MOO it great!

miss popsi said...

well it was you who itroduced me to the world of MOO and all i've got to say is ....THANK YOU!
ive already had my first run of miniMOO cards for my etsy about to order a new batch
and thankyou to you for being a true inspiration, i love what you're doing with the fabrics..keep on creating and flowing out those gorgeous mediums
xxx miss popsi