Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wendy June :)

Today greeted us with 38 degree (100 F) heat and a smoky haze over everything from all the bushfires raging around the state.

Despite this, I started to get stir crazy about 2pm from being indoors all day. I think it's because I work from home, and there's a certain amount of being at home that one can handle before becoming desperate to get out.

So I braved the heat and headed down to Fitzroy - I'd run out of bead making supplies again (I never buy enough, out of lack of conviction that my necklaces will sell as well as they have). I also wanted to pop by the Rose Street Artist's Market to look for a Christmas present for Pete and to check out Wendy June's stall full of handmade toys and other gorgeous things. Her husband is doing a bit of programming for me but i'd never met Wendy before, and both she and her stall were really, really lovely!!

Some button badges that she was selling :)

I don't think she has an online shop yet but her toys are for sale at

At least we can shop online without having to brave the elements. Yay the internet!


Cheeky Beaks said...

Hi there! I'll be in Melb for a few days starting tomorrow. Wish I had been there today to visit that Market. Email me if you have time to catch up, I'd love to know how you are going with the fabric printing side of things.

wendy june said...

I think Lara was lovely too... hope to see you at the book launch on Thursday night! Make sure you hassel Andrew about it!

Zabrina said...

Wow it's hot there!!
Nice blog!

shopgirl said...

I stumbled into your space this morning. Charming! Hat's off to you. It's so funny to hear of the heat. We've had 3 days of rain, and have the same 'cabin fever'. Good knittin' weather!