Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I had a fantasic christmas. A great day with my family, which included a Skype session with my brother's family in the States, sitting in our respective living rooms opening presents in front of a TV eqipped with a webcam - it worked surprisingly well :)

I received lots of gorgeous thoughtful presents from my boy, and from my folks I received the classic Breville Wizz that almost everybody's mum had whilst growing up and which has barely changed in design over the last 20 years (i see that as a good sign). We made pasta dough with it and used our pasta maker for the first time. Home made pasta is oh my god ... sooooo, so good! I think I will be getting right into it and this could become a pasta making blog, hehe.

I am now also the proud owner of lots of great craft/melbourne/design books, including Handmade in Melbourne, and guess who I found inside! What a nice surprise and now I can put faces to the names - congrats girls!!

Back tomorrow-ish with more - hope you're all having a great break!! :)


sumi said...

i love [LOVE!] your prints and patterns. they are simply amazing.
-from a new(ish) reader

annalaura said...

I love making pasta, it is one of my favourite dishes to make. I do the dough in the bread maker then I have a pasta machine I got for my 20th birthday....what a dorky present! Anyway it's taken a few years to get the hang of it, now when I tell people at work I made pasta and bread for dinner they look at me strange....but they usually have kids. Write some stuff about your pasta....with pics!

Tan said...

That book looks great. Does it tell you where you can buy their handmade stuff? I was thinking I should be branching out in where I shop in Melbourne, finding more independent/quirky design stuff :)

Kuka said...

hey I saw the handmade in melbourne book at borders yesterday and thought of your blog!
spooky =)

Lara said...

thank you sumi!!! and annalaura - yay another pasta-maker lover! I'll take a couple of dorky pics of us making pasta - but it'll just be plain old tagliatelle for now :)

louise said...

Hee, hee... yep, that's us. Glad you're enjoying the book.
cheers, lj