Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Taking the plunge

I've decided to take the plunge and begin setting up an Etsy shop. What's the worst that can happen? Nothing sells. What's the best that can happen? At least one or two things sell... and maybe lots! Either way, it'll be fun to try.
So, here's what I need to do first:

1) Buy materials (done - went to the bead shop and stocked up... forgot to buy more crimps though!)
2) Make jewellery (some based on existing designs, some new)
3) Print some more gocco paper and make packaging
4) Take photos
5) Think of a name for my shop
Research postage costs etc
7) Set up on Etsy

Any advice / suggestions would be very appreciated!

Meanwhile, here's some more patterns, which are a bit more
geometriccy than my usual ones. Swatches:

Mocked up in a random context:


Kate said...

Great idea! Etsy is really quite easy to use. Australia post has an easy website to calculate costs. I love the name of your blog (I'm a bit obsessed with giraffes at the moment) - you could somehow use that. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yipppee good idea!! Etsy is fun. It took a while for my stuff to start to sell but last week (my best etsy so far) I sold 4 drawings! Im quite happy with that.

Love your new yardages and they great in context. Im also bidding on a gocco on ebay...fingers crossed.

Lara said...

Kate: Oh thanks for the advice re Australia post - I had hoped they'd have something like that :D

And re the name, yeah I might keep the Kirin bit... I've heard it's good to name your blog and etsy shop similarly.

Shannon: Cool, thanks for some insight into the Etsy world. And GOOD LUCK with the ebay bid! That's so great. Glad you've decided to take that plunge yourself :) You wont regret it!

Stereoette said...

whoo! welcome to etsy! i just found your blog through the flickr gocco group - im getting a gocco soon and you're a big inspiration to me already! would love to see your stuff on etsy...

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that you have taken the plunge to get a shop running. I took it a little while ago..set it all up, but haven't quite got there yet. Life is too busy. Everyday I think about it and after reading this, I'm keen to get things running again. Stick with the same name. You'll do really well I'm sure. Remember that it is just an outlet. It is better to have something out there for sale than 'stuff' sitting on your desk where no one can see it. You are lucky that you have a talent for 2D and 3D design. GO FOR IT.

Anonymous said...

DO. IT. NOW! That's all I can say! Can't wait to see your stuff- I love the jewellery you already have designed! When your etsy shop is ready, I can post it in my design blog www.modamuse.com

Lara said...

WildGarden: Wow what a compliment! Thankyou! I was just looking at modamuse whistfully thinking "oh it'd be good if i can get my work to a high enough quality that can be posted on here". !

Anonymous said...

Nice patterns! I am enjoying your blog! Congratulations, here, from Portugal!