Friday, August 11, 2006

One year o' blogging

A very attentive commenter just made me aware that I've had this blog up for a whole year now! Granted the first few months didn't have anything interesting up at all but still... that's much longer thank i thought! Time flies when you're having fun :)

This week has been a bit craft-quiet due to catching a cold and being super busy with work - I've squeezed in a few days of freelance next week, at the good ol' Lonely Planet where Pete and I first met - awwwh. Will be good for me to be around other creative people again for a little while.

Meanwhile I was very impressed upon finding this Sydney based designer/blogger who's actually taking things to the next level by designing, screenprinting and making stuff out of her own fabric designs. It's great to find someone who's doing all of those three things at once. Nice designs and quite motivating :)


Kristen Doran said...

Thanks for the mention! In reply to your comment about the covered buttons: I don't have machinery, it's this great product that has a metal front and back. You just wrap the fabric over and click on the back. That simple! Found them in a fabric shop.
Congrats on the one year blogging and I love your prints! Hope you do well with them.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on one year! Hope I make it that long too! Thanks for the link to cheaky beeks. I'm swooning over her fabric prints too and definitely think you should take it up too

Lara said...

Cheeky Beaks - Oh fantastic, thanks for the info. I've found similar ones in fabric stores before but not the better quality ones that you have. I'll do more hunting :)

Jess - thankyou! I'm sure you'll last a year easy!