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Monday, April 14, 2008

Bamakko exhibition

This weekend has been somewhat of a crafty marathon for me. I decided last minute to contribute some works to the Bamakko 'Screened' exhibition. Bamakko is a local shop run by another crafty man who makes bags and things, and he's been having themed exhibitions for the last few months. This coming one is focussed on all things screen printed, and myself, Bianca and Anna Laura are all submitting bits and pieces.

Along with my Sia's Village print, I'm going to submit these gocco printed Moleskine notebooks (thanks to Paola for planting the seed of that idea!):

It's not confirmed yet, but hopefully he'll also take some of these cushions (if they don't take up too much room). Thought I should actually submit something fabric based!

Okay, I need to go flop on the couch and do some serious relaxing...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

vintage spools

I jump at any opportunity to make my home look like something out of a Japanese Craft book. Only if it's just a tiny little opportunity ;) These vintage spools I found here on Etsy did the trick:

Only $3 for a set of 5. Go snap em up!

Gunna go to this tonight, sounds like heaps of people are going to be there...

Should be really good. Can't go wrong with cute, girly illustrations. Hopefully there will be cupcakes.