Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am not very good at sitting still. Holidays intimidate me - that long stretch of nothing planned, commitment free time. This is some people's dream, but for me and where I am in my life at the moment, not so much. So for the first week I kept very busy. I built things, rearranged things, gardened, tidied, cleaned out my computer, saw friends. In the second week I kind of got into the swing of slowing down and spent some time on the road, on the beach and in the bush. Nice.

But throughout it all I was very, very glad that Dana and I had planned a little trip to Hobart. It was one of those spur of the moment "OK lets book tickets right now!" kind of things ... after we'd quickly made sure someone was free to look after Dana's kidlets and that we'd have somewhere to stay. And somewhere-to-stay we indeed did have. No less than the awesome, gorgeous, art-deco-granny-mansion that is Beth-Emily & Tom's South Hobart home. Have I told you how lovely these people are? We met Beth and Tom at a market in Adelaide and have been buddies since. Not only did they provide us with a comfy bed and delicious brekkie every morning, but they also spent three days showing us around their hometown and helping us eat Hobart. Because that's what we did. We pretty much just ate our way around town. And it was good.

Here's a little of our trip in pictures!

The home of Beth & Tom and the view from their harbour-side studio rooftop - I do love rooftops!

My gorgeous travelling buddies - Tom, Dana & Beth

MONA! Also known as The Place Where it's Impossible to Take Non-Blurry Photos


Relaxing in beanbags on the hill at MONA, Tom my fellow photographer

Views and sights abound!

Food, delicious food! Highly recommend Ethos, Smolt, Garagistes & Piccolo

Yay, thanks Beth & Tom for such a great time :)


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Tom said...

T'was our pleasure! We had a great time with you lovely ladies, you should come again before we join the exodus leaving the island. BTW Beth and I are still rolling around on our bellies after we ate most of Hobart. ^_^