Sunday, August 29, 2010

Travels (and hello!)

The other day my mum asked me if I'd started a new secret blog that she doesn't know about because she hadn't seen any updates here for so long.

Nope, I've just been slack. Well, not really - I've been away on holidays, working like crazy ladies over at I&S and generally enjoying life and keeping busy :)

Anyway here's a few much belated pics from my recent trip to Malaysia and Thailand. I spent the first week with my family having a veeery cruisy holiday in Langkawi. Highlight - swim up bar. Lowlight - terrible food poisoning.

Doing the resort thing - banana lounges by the pool with my mum

View of Langkawi from the top of an amazing cable car ride

The neighbours

Deer food = instant friends

After Malaysia I went and spent a few days with my friend Karin, who's living in Bangkok for a year for work. Had heaps of fun shopping (Zara!) and seeing the sights and enjoying cocktails on rooftop bar in perfect temperatures.

One of the many small gallery spaces at Chatuchak market (we bought some awesome pieces and got to meet the artists -yay!)

Doing the tuk-tuk thing, fun

Amazing topiary/bonsai goings on at the Kings Palace (amazing buildings too, of course!)

And of course, requisite photos of purchases:

Handwoven bag from Chatuchak - loved the colours. The stallholders were making them as they waited

A couple of etchings from an artist at Chatuchak.

Jim Thompson handwoven silk/wook scarf, misc ceramics & bracelet

Heaps more photos over at my flickr, but I won't bore you with them here :)

Yay! xx


anika said...

those etchings are amazing. maybe it's because I'm partial to elephants, but I love how they simply depict their subject. Awesome ceramics too. Looks like you had a great trip!

Meg said...

Love the pictures! I miss thailand.

Tali said...

Oh god, I love Chatuchak market. I always save a day (or two!) to go skulking around it whenever I'm in Bnagkok :)

monkeemoomoo said...

Sounds like you had a great trip (apart from food poisoning)
Love, love, love the etchings!

Sydney Lawyers said...

i have being there as well...i bought the same bag lol..

origa-me said...

Were you at the Datai on Langkawi? I have the exact same monkey pics on my blog!:) Sigh, it's been a year, wish I was there now.