Thursday, May 13, 2010

Uppercase awesomeness

Hellloooooooo! I'm back after Stitches & Craft! It was epic. It was exhausting. It was fun. So good to see all our fellow crafty ladies - both stall holders and customers alike. Thank you to everyone who came by! And thank you to Kristen Doran who came to stayed with me, was a great guest and tolerated me pointing out my high school every time we drove down Kings Way.

We came back to work to find this piece of publishing awesomeness awaiting us. Uppercase Magazine from Canada. Beautifully designed, fantastic content - all about craft and design and illustration and typography. Right up my alley.

Uppercase magazine
Uppercase Magazine

And I just happen to be lucky enough to have been interviewed for it, along with Denyse Schmidt and Michelle Engel Bencsko. Good company, no? I'm so chuffed. Thanks Uppercase!!!

Uppercase magazine
My interview in Uppercase

Uppercase magazine
Uppercase Magazine - illustrative awesomeness

Uppercase magazine
Uppercase Magazine - illustrative awesomeness

Uppercase magazine
Uppercase Magazine - studio tour awesomeness



Angela said...

I love uppercase magazine, I have three issues starting from issue one. I really wanted to collect every issue but Magnation ran out of issue 2 really quickly.

I did buy the latest issue last week and saw you between the pages, lucky lady!! Well deserved!

Shannon said...

I hope you told Kirsten that your old school is also where I play netball. Because for some freaky reason you may know that? not likely.

Fer said...

Congrats on the article! Looks like a fun sort of mag. :)

Amy said...

And my copy still hasn't come!

Jo (ruby-jo) said...

Congrats on the article in Uppercase! It looks like a fab magazine.

P R I M O E Z A said...

i saw this in the shop - your article looks great!

i love love said...

the magazine looks good even in photos..since i have been interested in web design, i also got interested in magazine layouts...and this is pretty cool..i like it!....

Leslie said...

Looks like a very interesting mag!