Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birdprint swap

Another swap! This one has taken a looong time to actually eventuate, until we finally managed to catch up at the Design Market. Caylie and I agreed to swap some of my fabric for an item of my choosing - I chose one of her gorgeous hand made giraffes!

I think I got the sweet end of the deal though - Sooooo much work and attention to detail has gone into this little guy! Delicately hand stitched body and little antlers, and a hand painted pattern on his body.

Check out Caylie's blog Birdprint over here :)


Danielle said...

Ooh he is very sweet :-)

Caylie said...

I'm SO glad you like him!!! thanks again for the swap I cant wait to make something out of your lovely fabric! x

Penny said...

So cute!