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Thursday, May 15, 2008

red and green things

I've still been in a bit of a funk this week. Not my usual chirpy self, instead being emotional and swearing at things. My design work is coming along nicely though so maybe it fits with that old adage about artists doing their best work when they're feeling down ;)

In lighter news, here's some red and green things that are making me happy:

Some freshly potted herbs and Cyclamen for the balcony. I always love that european red-flowers-in-planter-box thing, and these Cyclamen weren't too expensive and apparently love the cold. Perfect!

A gorgeous handbound book sent to me by Nicole of Freshly Blended. Sooo cute, and so well made! It's related to a little collaboration we've got in the works :)


... a new shoulderbag from Mattt! This one features the limited edition ginkgo print on natural hemp canvas. It was a custom job for Mattt, which is why I had a bit of the print on cream available last week. He also has this print in Pumpkin, and you buy them online here.

I've got more Ginkgo on the way actually, in another new colourway. Exciting :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

mail day

Ohh, thanks everyone for the lovely response to the riverside pattern - very sweet :) And thanks for submitting your 'votes' as to which pattern I should print alongside it! I had to laugh though - there was a perfectly equal number of votes for each. Sheesh, talk about making decisions difficult! Anyway, I've decided, more for a technical reason than anything else. I think I'll keep it as a surprise :)

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that one of my very favourite things in the world is getting packages in the mail. Especially surprise packages. It doesn't happen very often but this week was full of good things:

A length of 'kirin' (giraffe) trim that Pete's mum picked up for me and posted over (very sweet). My two letterpress pieces from Green Chair Press (Gosh they arrived quickly. And they're just as good as they look in the pictures!) And last but not least...

... Nicole's Freshly Blended business cards! They're letterpressed, with one of my patterns in the background - how cool! I've never seen anything of mine letterpressed before and she's done such a lovely job of the design. I like the way she's done two different card designs from the same plates. One with the pattern pale in the background of the text, and another with the pattern stronger, but on the reverse of the card. Very clever. They were printed by Shelley from French Press, who also did the card with the circles that you can (sort of) see above. Nice!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Handmade bookses

Yay! Nicole from Freshly Blended has opened up an etsy shop, selling some of her beautiful handmade journals - each one is completely unique and full of gorgeous little details and surprises. I love the one I have at home. Go snap one up now :)

Image courtesy of Nicole's etsy shoppe